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Our Services

Quality Meets Elegance

At Sempre, we only use the best quality. There are plenty of contractors in the GTA and surrounding area, but the best are far and few beyond. We’ve figured out who they are, and done so before it has cost you money to figure it out on your own.  Random contractors and organize trades, oversee jobs but at your expense and using their timelines.  This means that you’re relying on the honesty and competency of your contractor when it comes to estimates, pricing and timelines. Our projects are overseen by our experienced project managers.  All work is kept up to Sempre's standards.  Our projects range from small to large, single or multi-family homes.  Residential revitalization is our specialty. Transform outdated, aging homes into beautiful spaces that fit your needs using Sempre who will deliver your needs with absolute precision.


Custom New Build Homes


Additions & Top Ups

Full-Gut Renovations


Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling


Basement Finishing

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